The Journal of Values-Based Leadership (JVBL) invites you to submit manuscripts for review and possible publication. The JVBL is dedicated to supporting people who seek to create more ethically and socially-responsive organizations through leadership and education. The Journal publishes articles that provide knowledge that is intellectually well-developed and useful in practice. The JVBL is a peer-reviewed journal available in both electronic and print form. The readership includes business leaders, academics, and students interested in the study and analysis of critical issues affecting the practice of values-based leadership.

JVBL is dedicated to publishing articles related to:

  • Leading with integrity, credibility, and morality;
  • Creating ethical, values-based organizations;
  • Balancing the concerns of stakeholders, consumers, labor and management, and the environment; and
  • Teaching students how understand their values and how values impact organizational performance.

In addition to articles that bridge theory and practice, the JVBL is interested in book reviews, case studies, personal experience articles, and pedagogical papers.

If you have a manuscript idea that addresses values-based leadership, but you are uncertain as to its propriety to the mission of the JVBL, please contact the editor at

While manuscript length is not a major consideration in electronic publication, we encourage contributions of less than 20 pages of double-spaced narrative. As the JVBL is in electronic format, we especially encourage the submission of manuscripts which utilize visual text.

Manuscripts will be acknowledged immediately upon receipt. All efforts will be made to complete the review process within 4-6 weeks.

Review Process

The JVBL seeks work that is clearly written and relevant to the Journal’s central theme, yet imbued with analytical and intellectual excellence. In this respect, the editorial review board shall consist of both leading scholars and respected high-level business leaders.

All manuscripts undergo a two-stage review process:

  1. The editor and/or his or her representative, will conduct a cursory review to determine if the manuscript is appropriate for inclusion in the JVBL by examining the relevance of the topic and its appeal to the Journal’s target readership. The editor may:
    1. reject the manuscript outright;
    2. request submission of a revised manuscript which will then be subject to a comprehensive in-house review; or
    3. forward the manuscript for review pursuant to the provisions of paragraph.
  2. The editor will send the manuscript to three reviewers consisting of at least one scholar and one practitioner. The third reviewer shall be chosen at the editor’s discretion, depending upon the nature of the manuscript. Once reviews are returned, the editor may:
    1. accept the manuscript without modification;
    2. accept the document with specific changes noted;
    3. offer the author(s) the opportunity to revise and resubmit the manuscript in response to the reviewers’ and editor's comments and notations; or
    4. reject the manuscript. To be considered publishable, the manuscript must be accepted by at least one of each type of reviewer.